Bob Dylan Center

The Bob Dylan Center℠, along with Circle Cinema, welcome punk innovator, poet and novelist Richard Hell to Tulsa next month, where Hell will be working with the Bob Dylan Archive®. While in town, he's agreed to wax poetic on one of his favorite films, the noir masterpiece Kiss Me Deadly (1955), at 8PM on Saturday, March 30 at Circle Cinema. Richard Hell’s 1977 album Blank Generation remains one of the defining statements of the American punk rock movement. His books include: novels Go Now and Godlike; a collaboration with Christopher Wool, Psychopts; his autobiography I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp; and the 2015 essay collection Massive Pissed Love: Nonfiction 2001-2014. Tickets are available from the Circle Cinema.

(Photo: Jerry Schatzberg Archive.)

The Bob Dylan Center is dedicated to the study and appreciation of Bob Dylan and his worldwide cultural significance through six prolific decades of his groundbreaking creative endeavors, from his songwriting and recordings to live performances, books and films. As the primary public venue for The Bob Dylan Archive, the Center will curate and exhibit a priceless collection of more than 100,000 items including handwritten manuscripts, notebooks and correspondence; films, videos, photographs and artwork; memorabilia and ephemera; personal documents and effects; unreleased studio and concert recordings; musical instruments and many other elements. The Bob Dylan Center is expected to open in the Tulsa Arts District in 2021.

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